Kitty's Morning Tea: Kinetic Theory of Matter for Kids

A children's book written and illustrated in a single day during my junior year of college. After begging my friend to visit me the weekend after I finished a physics exam, I spent the day with her in the library as she finished a printmaking assignment. Fueled by a thermos of tea, my obsession with cats, and the artistic environment provided by my friend, I whimsically wrote a story to communicate the concepts I learned in physics class that could be understood and enjoyed by young children.

I downloaded the kindle version of this book last night and field tested it on my 3 yr old for his bed time story.

Since then I have been asked to read that book 4 times, my wife had to read it to him while making porridge (which he also wanted thermodynamically explained) and he now wants to drink tea with breakfast.

So yeah, this is pretty good :)
— Matthew Partridge

You can view the book in its entirety here or you can purchase a copy for Kindle.